Well Hey Y'all!!!

I'm Stacy, the girl behind the camera. I like to hide back here getting lost in the magic. Nothing makes me happier than that moment; the capture of an image that makes me feel the emotion of what was just captured. That exact moment has fueled me for over 25 years as a photographer. While the subjects of the images have changed, that moment is in every shoot I've done.

People often ask me how I started in this business of book cover images. It's as simple as being an avid reader and going to my first ever Author Signing Event. I had been retired from working in a chain portrait studio of 20 years and met my first cover model. Yep! That'll do it! I realized no more crying babies, family photos, or spitting mad two year olds for me. I was going to use the talent I'd been blessed with, the new extra time on my hands and make my dream come true! I would have my pictures on the covers of the books I loved reading.

Ever since, I have traveled thousands of miles, met thousands of people and been blessed enough to have my images cover the books of authors I still struggle to talk to. Models, no problem. That's work. But authors who create the worlds I've been escaping to for years, I'm still in shock meeting them. Truly a dream come true!

Thank you to each and every one of you who have come to visit SP Photography. YOU have made a difference in this girl's life.